“(We) believe in a practical world and that (we) can count on what (we) earn. Therefore, (we) believe in work, hard work.

(We) believe in education, which gives us knowledge to work wisely and train our mindS and our hands to work skillfully.”

George Petrie

The Auburn Creed


Even though the main priority of the ladies of Delta Sigma is education and academics, we strive to serve our community and Auburn students through leadership, community service, non-profit organizations, campus ministries, extracurriculars, and others to leave Auburn University a better place than we found it. From cheering on the Auburn Tigers to leading children closer to their faith, our sisters immerse themselves in a variety of ways.

Our sisters enjoy working with others, especially with those who have different backgrounds and experiences to better diversify ourselves and the community around us. Making an impact, small or large, is the driving force in every within we do within our chapter and our community. We enjoy working with each other in other organizations to further our Delta Gamma mission by “Doing Good” in the over 150 organizations we are involved in.

Every sister of Delta Sigma is unique. She brings a new light, new talents, new skills, and new adventures to the chapter, which continues to build our family and support for one another. We love being apart of the accomplishments our sisters achieve and being a strong support system to help each other reach our goals throughout Auburn and beyond.

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