The Delta Gamma Foundation

service for sight:

Our chapter is committed to service and raising awareness for our philanthropy, Service for Sight, which has founded five schools around the United States for the visually impaired and promotes education of sight preservation. Delta Gamma has raised over $2,800,000 for Service for Sight grants.

This philanthropy has been the focus of the Delta Gamma Fraternity since 1936, when a blind Delta Gamma member, Ruth Billow, petitioned to adopt providing aid to the blind as our philanthropy. Today 285 million people worldwide are blind or have visual impairments. Our goal as Delta Gamma’s is to help our philanthropy grow by funding sight preservation schools, training guide dogs, funding equipment to further sight mobility, supporting programs to provide accessible jobs for those with visual disabilities, and so much more. Since 1951 (when the Delta Gamma Foundation was created), Delta Gamma is proud to be the longest continuous donor to the American Foundation for the Blind. Click below to learn about the 2017-2018 grant recipients who benefitted from our philanthropy! The recipients range from infants to senior citizens.

Service for sight- joining forces:

In addition, a branch of our philanthropy supports veterans and those serving in our armed forces through the Service for Sight: Joining Forces program. This program is designed to give back to the men and women of the military in the United States and Canada. Due to the high percentage of military personnel returning home with visual impairments, eye trauma or vision loss, Delta Gamma wanted to create a program that was dedicated to them by partnering with the United States Association of Blind Athletes, Team with A Vision, and the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. During the year, Delta Sigma hosts many drives to collect supplies to send to soldiers abroad and at Fort Benning. As the only Panhellenic sorority on Auburn’s campus that works with our Armed Forces through our philanthropy, we strive to bring the Auburn community together to give back to those fighting for us. Not only do we host supply drives open to donations from the community, but also we set up letter writing tables on the concourse to allow Auburn students to send words of encouragement to our soldiers overseas.

Golden anchor program:

Every Delta Gamma chapter has a unique branch to their philanthropy, known as the Golden Anchor Program. This program is designed for Delta Gamma chapters to devote service to elderly communities due to their likelihood of developing visual impairments as they grow older. For Delta Sigma, our Golden Anchor Program is participating with Impact, an Auburn University organization that coordinates sixteen community service projects throughout the Auburn-Opelika community. Delta Sigma women volunteer at Azalea Retirement Home and Oak Park Nursing Home in Lee County. Our sisters love bringing joy to the residents by participating in daily activities, games, and helping run local errands. Delta Sigma women serve as site leaders and as volunteer staff alongside hundreds of other Auburn University students working together with the same mission to make an impact. Please check out the link below to learn more about our philanthropy and ways to help!



So far, delta sigma has raised over


for service for sight in 2019!


we donated

1,472 items

for military packages sent to fort benning!

we collected

2,530 boxtops

for our three, local visual impairment schools!



The delta gamma fraternity has founded five schools for children with visual impairments across the country.


Blind Children’s Center —————————————————— Los Angeles, CA

Foundation for Blind Children ————————————————— Phoenix, AR

Anchor Center for Blind Children ———————————————--Denver, CO

Children’s Center for Visually Impaired ———————————Kansas City, KS

Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments———St. Louis, MO

meet hope

VP of Foundation


Hey Y’all!

Since 1873, Delta Gamma’s motto has been to “Do Good.” Having the privilege to serve as Delta Sigma’s Vice President of Foundation, I hope to instill this same motto every day within our chapter. I have such a passion and love for philanthropy, and my hope is to spread awareness about Service for Sight on Auburn’s campus and to continue our passion for building our philanthropy within our sisterhood.

We host two philanthropy fundraisers during the year, Anchor Splash and Milk and Cookies. Last year, our chapter raised over $23,000 benefiting all our branches within Service for Sight! My goal is to raise even more money this year to how grow our philanthropy and provide more services to those who are suffering with visual impairments. In addition, our chapter participates in year round volunteer work with our other philanthropic branches, Service for Sight: Joining Forces and Service for Sight: Golden Anchor Program. Our Golden Anchor Program is devoted to Arbor Springs, a nursing home in Opelika, Alabama. My sisters and I enjoy helping, serving and creating friendships with the lovely men and women at the retirement center.

Beyond fundraising, I plan to make Auburn’s campus more involved within our philanthropy by working with our campus ROTC program and with students who are visually impaired.

I hope that you will join me, and the wonderful women I get to call my sisters, in the fight to help Service for Sight—so we may continue our mission to “Do Good!”

For a better tomorrow,

Hope Hudgins

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anchor splash

In the fall, our chapter hosts a synchronized swimming competition to raise money for Service for Sight. Our sisters work with teams that are made up of Auburn students by coaching and assisting in races. The event consists of a variety of competitions including relay races, half mile swims, synchronized routines, the biggest splash and race a DG. Our newest competition, the Prettiest Eyes Contest, asks each team to submit one swimmer who they believe has the prettiest eyes. Auburn students and the community vote through donations to their favorite pair of eyes. We enjoyed creating this competition because it is a fun way to raise money for our philanthropy and get the community involved before the event begins. The swimmer who has the most donations gets additional points added to their teams overall score. Hosted at the Martin Aquatics Center on campus, Auburn students and the community attend to watch the races. Last September, Anchor Splash raised $17,875.64! We are so thankful for all the donations to our philanthropy and we have such a fun time bonding with each other and other campus organizations for a great cause.

Director of anchor splash

Andie Altemeier

assistant director of anchor splash

Grace Childers


milk and cookies

In the spring, our chapter hosts our second philanthropy event, Milk and Cookies. Celebrating our love for sweets, we hold an all you can eat event for Auburn students, friends and family to enjoy delicious cookies in our chapter room. Our chapter room is located in Oak Hall in the Sorority Village, which is next to the Auburn Arena. We serve more than ten different types of warm cookies including chocolate chip, sugar, sprinkle, peanut butter, double chocolate, white chocolate and many more! Admission is only $5 and attendees can eat as many cookies as they desire! Alongside the freshly baked cookies, other sweets are served as well. The sweets are served with milk, a variety of soft drinks, sweet tea and cold water. Our sisters love putting this event on together because we enjoy baking and decorating cookies together for an amazing cause. In addition to the sweet treats, the Auburn Community has the opportunity to write letters to be sent to various military personnel serving overseas. Last February, Milk and Cookies raised over $15,000, serving over 1,500 cookies! We are so grateful for the support from the Auburn community through their attendance and donations for Service for Sight.

director of milk and cookies

Adan Youngblood

assistant director of milk and cookies

Alexandra Wagnon